Essentials of Weather
(9-12 )
Overview: About this teaching box

This Teaching Box is an online assembly of interrelated learning concepts, digital resources, education standards, and lesson plans that explore basic elements of weather. It is meant to provide an inquiry-based exploration of winds, clouds, and extreme weather events. It is divided into the following units:

Each unit has a set of supporting concepts and education standards correlated to the National Science Education Standards and California State Science Content Standards, lesson plans to teach the concepts, and a summary list of resources used in the box.

Goals of the teaching box: By the end of the teaching box, students will have constructed an understanding of some of the basic elements, forces and processes involved in weather: temperature, pressure, density, convection, differential heating, and condensation, and how these elements combine to create the dynamics of wind and clouds. In the culminating activity, students will research an extreme weather event, its occurrence in a particular area, and a specific incidence of it.  Taken as a whole, the lessons within the teaching box demonstrate the inter-relatedness of earth’s processes thus reinforcing the overarching concept of Earth as a system.

Appropriate for: High school, grades 9-12

Time to complete:
As a whole, this Teaching Box can take 14 - 16 class periods.

Open the "Essentials of Weather" box as a pdf document in Adobe Acrobat Reader (80 pages).

Authors of Essentials of Weather teaching box : This box was created during the summer of 2004 as part of a pilot project by the following professionals from the San Francisco Bay area of California:

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